Twilight Sparkle Reviews: The Inner World (Spoiler-Free!)



The Inner World is a puzzle-based point-and-click adventure game created by Studio Fizbin.

I may not be the best pony to talk about games, but this particular one seems more like a novel than a game. It’s an interesting story, planted firmly in surreality with a few holes peering int reality, but over half of the game’s time is devoted to expanding the story. There are multiple phases of dialogue for the player to explore that don’t do much except add to the tale and provide some excellent comedy. As the Princess of Friendship and the (former) head (and only) librarian of the Golden Oak Library, I can appreciate a good story better than anypony. And to be honest, the story itself is good. It’s a humorous glimpse into a strange, yet charming, world filled with impossible characters and a wonderful air of fantasy. If it wasn’t for the puzzles, it could almost pass as a visual novel. The puzzles themselves are nothing to shake a hoof at. Some of them require pink pony levels of logic, while others are more tame and rational. In all honesty, I prefer the ones that are rational. Having to pull Pinkie Pie into my house and have her solve certain puzzles for me was…….disheartening. Fortunately, once you comprehend the game’s unique way of thinking, the puzzles become a lot easier. And for those who just want to get through it without spending ten minutes on puzzles, an in-game walkthrough is provided. But if you’re going to enjoy the game for its story, you have to at least somewhat enjoy it for its animation as well. The frequent cut scenes are visually decent. The style of animation suggests something childish, yet the game is clearly intended for older audiences due to its mature humor and swearing. All in all, I’d recommend this game to anypony/anyone who can appreciate a surreal setting, enjoys puzzles, and adores games with interesting storylines.


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