Fan Fiction Resources



Some helpful resources for brand new authors. Note: These aren’t writing tips, just some helpful resources for those trying to write their first MLP fan fiction or trying to improve those they’re already working on.

1. Pony Creator

Trying to figure out a look for an original character in your fan fiction? For inspiration, try hitting the “Random” button and see what pops up. Or try looking through the hairstyles, eye types, etc. and put something together yourself.

2. Pony Name Generator

Thinking up pony names can be a struggle, simply because they’re not like human names. While there is a plethora of websites that can give you human names, finding pony names is nearly impossible….unless you use a Pony Name Generator. Randomizing works best if you’re just desperate for a name.

3. List of ponies

In case you’ve forgotten a name and need it in a hurry. This list also includes the offical names of several background ponies that you may not know.


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