Spotlight on Fan Art #4 (Double Feature!) “I’m so pathetic…” and “Don’t use your fancy mathematics…”


These beautiful pieces of art are by QuizzicalKisses, a very talented artist.

This is far from his best work, but these are the two pieces I’ve chosen to put in the spotlight today.

I'm so pathetic... by QuizzicalKisses

There is much to be said about the flawless shading, the gorgeous lighting, and the general beauty of this piece.  However, I will steer away from well-ventured territory and talk about the vibe of this piece.  In this piece of artwork, Rarity gives off a powerful 1940s’ movie vibe.  She looks the part of the typical damsel in an old detective film, right down to the outfit and the carefully drawn beauty of the face.  Maintaining the same ladylike grace and attractiveness of Rarity in her pony form when transitioning her into a human is of the utmost importance.  The artist has done this perfectly.  Not to mention this piece has a realism to it, as if one could reach through their screen and feel the soft material of Rarity’s robe.  The most impressive detail is the hair.  It’s unkempt, yet dignified and echoing the hairstyle of Rarity’s pony self.  Rarity’s gently seductive pose only makes this piece all the more enjoyable.  Overall, this is a great example of a talented artist and his skill for creating the best to reflect our beloved pony characters.

Don't you use your fancy mathematics... by QuizzicalKisses

This image is bursting with all the vibrant personality of the country.  At the center is a girl named Applejack with hair like straw and plain, yet beautiful, features.  She looks as if she should be the cover of a magazine about farming.  The artist has done a surprisingly good job with Applejack’s freckles, making them subtle yet most certainly there.  The lustrous emerald of her eyes is made twice as lovely by the amount of detail in the pupils themselves.  One could almost believe this is a photograph, rather than the work of mere artistic tools and experienced hands.  The illusion is only spoiled by the expected strokes and blurs here and there that indicate the work of a paintbrush.  However obvious it is that this is not a photograph, it is the most gorgeous Human!Applejack I have ever seen.


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