Why A Rule 63 Version of MLP Wouldn’t Work




“Colt dubs” are practically a trend in the fandom and Rule 63 material is usually highly regarded. Turning the Mane Six into stallions seems to be popular. The reason is obvious: In such a male-dominated fandom, there are bound to be many fans who enjoy seeing their favorite female characters as males either for relatability or because they feel the show wouldn’t be so frowned upon as an interest if the characters were male. Would the show really be better if the characters were stallions instead of mares? Perhaps not just for the more insecure fans but for the show itself? Bluntly, the answer is “no”. In fact, the show wouldn’t work at all if it was stallions instead of mares. The reasons I shall list below.

1. It would go against the show’s message

One of the show’s main goals it to teach girls that they can be/like whatever they want and still be girls. It would be difficult to teach such a message with all the characters as males. Although we need a cartoon that teaches boys that they can still be boys regardless of their interests, this show wasn’t meant for that purpose.

2. It would ignore one of the main goals of the show: Selling toys

Although this show has evolved past such a simple goal, one of the main reasons it exists is to sell toys to little girls. Defying gender roles or not, My Little Pony, as with Barbie and Bratz, has always been marketed specifically towards little girls. An all-mare cast is more likely to appeal to girls than an all-stallion cast.

3. It would be too much like everything else on television

A show with an all-male cast where the males are treated as being superior and always have to rescue the females, including the smart or capable ones? That would literally be nearly every other popular cartoon on television. “Regular Show” and “Adventure Time” spring to mind. My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic gives us the reverse in case we need a change of scenery. For that matter, even other shows with an all-female main cast are guilty of this well-used trope.

4. What would them being stallions add to the show? Nothing.

They’d still be the exact same characters with the exact same personalities, except stallions. This difference is so minor that it’s unlikely to impact how hateful outsiders view the show. There are still going to be ignorant people who mock those who enjoy it.

5. Homophobic parents would freak out over Elusive and/or Bubble Berry.

When it comes to stereotypes about homosexuals, gay men tend to get the worst of it. Rainbow Dash has already been accused of being a lesbian due to her tomboyish nature and being related to rainbows. Elusive, a stallion who works as a fashion designer, would be subject to the exact same treatment, even if the show made it clear that he’s only attracted to mares. Bubble Berry, being pink, would probably be accused of being homosexual as well, without the “he’s only attracted to mares” excuse. When it comes to television, the majority of parents will object to small things (such as Derpy Hooves) that may or may not be as they interpret them more willingly than things that are actually bad. While the Derpy Hooves controversy in itself wasn’t a fiasco and was resolved in the end, parents would be appalled at the very suggestion of a gay character in a TV show for children and demand the show’s cancellation.

6. It Just Wouldn’t Work

It’s alright to write Rule 63 fan fiction or make fanart based on the concept, but the actual show being about stallions instead of mares? It simply wouldn’t work, due to the reasons I listed above. The show doesn’t need to have an all-stallion cast for it to be good. It’s already good and changing the genders wouldn’t make it better.


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