Lesbianism in MLP: Speaking Realistically




The “Rainbow Dash is a lesbian” rumor has been a persistent part of the fandom for a long time, despite Lauren Faust herself confirming that Rainbow is straight. When asked for evidence of this, most fans cite RD’s tomboyish personality, slightly masculine voice, and her relation to rainbows as “proof” that she is a lesbian. These are not satisfactory excuses, but the idea and the “proof” persists. This begs the question: If one character in the show as going to be a lesbian, which pony would it be? The answer, although cryptic at first, is simple. If anypony was going to be attracted to mares in the series, it would be Fluttershy. Similarly, if any stallion was going to be gay in the series, it would be Big Macintosh. The reason is obvious when one looks at the other characters in the show and how the writers deal with their personalities. This show tries its best to deviate from common stereotypes with its characters. We have a tomboy who has no problem with dresses or participating in a fashion show, a shy girl who can become downright aggressive when she needs to, and a girly girl whose skilled in martial arts. If the writers were going to make one of the characters a lesbian, they would choose the most feminine character. Rarity falls into this category, but she has been shown to be attracted to stallions several times. Therefore, the only suitable mare is Fluttershy. The same would apply to Big Macintosh being gay. He’s regarded as the manliest stallion in the entire show due to his immense strength and general attitude. He doesn’t fit into the widespread stereotype of the feminine gay man. Hence the writers would choose him as the show’s homosexual male. Although it should be made clear how unlikely it is that the show will ever go down that path. Like it or not, TV-Y does not permit sexuality of any kind unless it’s male + female. Unfair to both children and adults, but that’s the way the ratings crumble.


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