Discord’s Origins: An Adventurous Theory



As far as we know, Discord is the only creature of his kind in Equestria. Many viewers have suggested that Discord and Star-Swirl the Bearded are one in the same. However, this has been disproved by episodes such as “Twilight’s Kingdom (Part 1)”. Where did Discord come from? Does he live in another universe entirely? Is he truly the only one of his kind? There might be a simple explanation for Discord’s existence. An explanation that could explain a few other things. Did Princess Celestia create Discord?


By “create”, I mean she used a combination of magic and science to bring the God of Chaos to life. Perhaps this is why Celestia was too weak to take on Queen Chrysalis without assistance: She had used the majority of her magic to bring Discord to life and didn’t have too much left over. But why would she go to such trouble? The answer lies in a completely different cartoon named “Adventure Time”. For those unfamiliar with the show, one of the main characters is Princess Bubblegum. She is a scientist who also runs the Candy Kingdom. One of her projects was the creation of “Lemongrab”, a lemon-person who nearly took over the Candy Kingdom. Princess Celestia is said to be immortal, but immortality only protects from aging. People who are immortal can still be hurt or killed. With all the threats that roam Equestria and the obvious uselessness of the Royal Guards apart from Shining Armor, Princes Celestia could very well die, along with her fellow princesses. In absence of a ruler, Equestria would be even more defenseless. Without alicorns lining up to take the throne, Princess Celestia might have turned to a more complex solution to a looming problem. In other words, she created Discord to take the place of the princesses. Unfortunately, things didn’t go as she had planned. Instead of taking the place of the princesses, he took over Equestria and became a ruthless tyrant. As Celestia explains in the Season 2 opener, he ruled the land in a state of unhappiness and unrest until her and her sister turned him to stone using the Elements of Harmony. It’s possible that Luna and Celestia had only been ruling Equestria for a short while before the Discord fiasco. He swiftly took over the land and the sisters were powerless to stop him, similar to what occurred in the Adventure Time episode “Too Young”. It was only by using a powerful magical force that they managed to defeat him. Evidence for this theory comes from Celestia’s reaction when Discord returns. Her anger could be explained as annoyance over the sour ending of a past romantic relationship….or perhaps as the result of her being angry at herself. As Discord’s creator, it is her fault that Equestria was plunged into such peril. Having him return reminded her of her past failure that nearly resulted in eternal chaos. Imagine if you created a monster, found a way to contain that monster, and then years later that monster broke free. Discord might have done more than damage Equestria. He could have damaged Celestia’s reputation if he revealed his origins.


However, if this is true, why is Discord the Spirit of Chaos to begin with? It is unlikely that Celestia would intentionally create a future ruler that enjoys destruction and misery. The answer yet again lies in “Adventure Time”. Lemongrab is described as “an experiment gone wrong”. This could apply to Discord as well. Creating life through science and magic is risky and the rewards could be minimal or nonexistent. Princess Celestia could have been experimenting with the creation of life and, through complete accident, created Discord. With possibly the help of many other unicorns willing to use their magic to aid her experimentation, a creature that was essentially a reality-bender came to be. Since he had too much magic to be contained, Luna and Celestia could do nothing to stop him from conquering Equestria until they used the Elements of Harmony. In “Twilight’s Kingdom”, Twilight Sparkle goes up against Tirek after he has drained Discord of his magic. The two of them are equally matched. Tirek can only drain the power of those weaker than him, which is partly his motivation for engaging Twilight in battle. Since he had just drained Discord’s magic, it stands to reason that the magic of four alicorns is just as strong as the magic of thousands of unicorns and Discord. If Discord was created using the combined magic of two alicorns, the fact that Tirek and Twilight were equally matched makes even more sense. Perhaps Discord’s power was only half of what it is today when he was first created, but it steadily grew as he went about taking over Equestria. Eventually, it evolved to the point that the same alicorn magic that brought him to life could not take that life away from him. For that matter, Celestia is shown to be a very motherly pony. She would not have wanted to kill a creature she created, even if said creature was evil. The Elements of Harmony provided a better alternative: Turning Discord to stone. In “Keep Calm and Flutter On”, Discord mentions that he could still hear when he was encased in stone. This means he was basically still alive, which is what Celestia wanted. Her decision to reform Discord might have been her trying to make up for her past mistake. If she could turn an experiment gone wrong into something good, she could forgive herself.


Why does Discord, the God of Chaos, desire friends in “Keep Calm and Flutter On”? Because he was created by Princess Celestia, who believes in the magic of friendship. Remember, as a creation of Princess Celestia, he has a bit of her inside of him, including her ideals. Celestia knew this and this was another reason she wanted to reform him. She chose Fluttershy for the task because she saw herself in the eyes of this shy pegasus: Motherly, gentle, and caring. If anypony could reform Discord, it was Fluttershy.



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