Gaming is Magic



Games are one of the smaller, but still spectacular, parts of the fandom. Fan-made pony games range from simple platform games to more ambitious projects. Here is a list of pony games that might be of interest.


-Basic Online Games-


Canterlot Siege


Your job is to place ponies at different points along the path to defend Canterlot from enemies trying to infiltrate the city. Each pony costs a specific price and has specific strengths and weaknesses. Earn bits to buy ponies by defeating enemies before they reach Canterlot. You can also upgrade the skills of said ponies.


The Sequel:



Canterlot Defender


Neutralize Changelings to protect Canterlot. This is a basic point-and-shoot game. If you’re in trouble, you can summon one of Twilight’s friends to help.




Equestria Games: The Missing Events


A real treat for anyone disappointed with the Equestria Games episode. Where were the games? We only got to see one event! Luckily, this game allows us to both see and play the ones we missed!



Pinkie Jump


Exactly as it sounds: You control Pinkie Pie jumping. Move her left and right to make sure she lands on a cloud to bounce higher. The game ends when Pinkie falls.



Story of the Blanks


Guide Applebloom through a strange world to find out what is going on. Press Z to interact with people or objects.



Derpy Hooves Sweet Dream


A dodging/collecting game. Move Derpy Hooves back and forth to catch falling food.





Steer Rainbow Dash through the sky, avoiding as many clouds as possible. As you fly, Rainbow Dash’s Sonic Rainboom Meter slowly fills up. When it gets to the end, Rainbow will do a spectacular Sonic Rainboom.




Mysterious Muffin Mercenary Mare


Derpy Hooves to the rescue! Use the arrow keys to control Derpy and the space bar to fire muffins. Your goal is to take out Queen Chrysalis with your muffin cannon, but you have to dodge her attacks in order to keep your health up.




1000 Years Ago


1,000 years ago, Celestia had to banish her sister to the moon. How did it happen? Play this game to find out the exact details! Control Celestia with the arrow keys to avoid her sister’s attacks. You can launch your own attack when the Solar Beam recharges. Every hit gets you a new element of harmony. When the elements are fully charged, you can fire the Harmony Cannon.





-Downloadable Fan-Made Games-


My Little Investigations


After the success of “Turnabout Storm”, the first true crossover between Phoenix Wright and My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, it was only a matter of time before a real My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic detective game hit the proverbial shelves. That game is “My Little Investigations”, one of the most impressive fan projects in the history of the fandom. The game stars Twilight Sparkle as the investigator and features most of the characters we know and love, plus many references to the show itself and well-known fan works. The game is in the style of the renowned Phoenix Wright games.




My Little Pony: Fighting is Magic


What happens when you put ponies and Street Fighter together? You get this amazing game starring our favorite candy-colored equines as the fighters. Unfortunately, Hasbro shut down official production of this game a little while ago. Luckily, there is a “Tribute Edition” you can download. This edition only stars the Mane 6, as opposed to the many other characters from the show that would have been playable in the official released version of the game.!R05FAJrT!lnF8VnACxAN_9ZRP1Aw2iAmk7OgyYzalB3KDwMZfj4s


Additional online games can be found at this person’s DeviantArt page:





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