Ponify Your Computer!






For those hardcore Bronies who want to utterly ponify their computer, there is an (inexpensive) way to do so. It requires a lot of downloading and such, but it’s not too difficult. At the most, it should only take up an hour or two of your time if you do it all at once.


Step 1: Get a pony desktop background


These are easy to find. They are at almost every website that has wallpapers from more than one TV show. There are also a few websites made specifically for pony wallpapers. One suggestion:




Note: These wallpapers aren’t hosted by the website in question. They are external links, usually to DeviantArt.



Step 2: Get a pony screensaver


These can be found om DeviantArt and other places. For example:







Step 3: Install Desktop Ponies


Because who doesn’t want to have little ponies wandering around their desktop? Linux users can install Qt Ponies, which is basically the exact same program.


The Windows version of the application can be downloaded here:




Instructions for the Linux version can be found here:





Step 4: Download a Windows MLP:FIM theme


Note: There don’t seem to be any pony themes for Linux.





Step 5: Install a Pony theme for your web browser.


Such themes exist for both Google Chrome and Firefox.








Step 6: If you use Rainmeter, try out some pony skins


This should help you get started if you’re at a loss about where to find them:





Step 7: If you use Firefox or Google Chrome, install “Hoofsounds”.


Hoofbeat Radio is an app that allows you to stream several online Brony radio stations. Official website/download here:




Step 8: If you can think of anything else to ponify your computer, do so! I can’t think of everything, after all. I’m sure there are tons of applications and stuff that can be ponified that I’ve missed and/or don’t know about.


Well, that’s about it for ponifying your computer. Have fun!



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