Could the MLP:FIM Writers Tackle Homosexuality?



My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is rated TV-Y. It is a television show with a large adult fanbase, yet is restricted by the TV rating. Perhaps if it was upgraded to TV-PG, it could tackle even more mature issues. The show has managed to slip a lot past the radar. But would the show be able to slip homosexuality past the radar? Some fans might argue that they already have, with Braeburn and Rainbow Dash. But the only “evidence” for either of those cases are stereotypes and, in the latter’s case, the color scheme. So could the show slip something as controversial as homosexuality past the radar if they wanted to? The answer: Yes.


Here’s what I imagine: Two male ponies come to Ponyville. They’re really close….friends. However, one of the pony’s parents disapprove of their “friendship”. In fact, they disapprove of their son’s behavior in general and wish he would change. Their son tries to tell them that he can’t change and any effort to do so makes him highly uncomfortable, but his parents insist that he can and should. The distraught stallion happens to run into Twilight. Twilight encourages him to stand up for himself and his friendship, even if his parents disapprove of it. She tells him that a really close friendship should matter more to him than the approval of his obviously close-minded parents. In the end, the stallion chooses his friend and decides to stop seeking the approval of his parents.


Just in case you’re unclear about how this relates to homosexuality, I’ll explain it more plainly: The entire “friendship” thing is one big metaphor for homosexuality and his parents are the close-minded gay-hating parents. The episode itself would be fairly ambiguous on whose right and whose wrong in the situation, rather than just blatantly saying that anyone who doesn’t support homosexuality is an idiot. The writers could easily pull this off without making it one hundred percent obvious, especially to the target demographic, that the episode is about two gay stallions. “Courage the Cowardly Dog” actually did this several years ago in an episode called “The Mask” and they did it very well. Of course, there are bound to be one or two complaints. But as long as the two stallions don’t kiss and it’s not outright stated what the episode is about, it should be fine. The writers of the show are so talented that they could pull something like this off. Episodes like “Flight to the Finish” prove that they can tackle serious, somewhat controversial topics with the care that they require. And cartoons in general have proven that homosexuality can make its way into cartoons, even ones intended for children, without a furious outcry. As long as it’s never actually said, it can go off without a hitch.



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