What Does Love and Tolerate Really Mean?




With all the Internet drama going on, the Brony/Pegasister fandom isn’t always cast in the best light. Despite our motto being “Love and Tolerate”, it seems that it’s getting more and more difficult to do that. In fact, the very phrase is often confused. How does one “Love and Tolerate”? What does this actually mean?


For the sake of both the fandom and everypony else, you should love and tolerate. Whenever someone does something, think about what the ponies would do. Does this mean you should love and tolerate everyone? Here’s the important part. You should love and tolerate…….unless the person isn’t loving and tolerating you. If someone is deliberately being intolerant, you have every right to retaliate, especially if you feel their intolerance might hurt someone or is just plain disrespectful for no good reason. This doesn’t go for people who express different opinions. If someone says they hate the show, leave it at that. But if someone goes out of their way to post a long rant about how much they hate the show on a video about the show, there’s no good reason to love and tolerate them. “What would the ponies do?” you may ask yourself before replying to a particularly offensive rant. We all know that even Fluttershy has a limit to what she can take. When she sees her friends get hurt in “Dragonshy”, she stands up against a monstrous beast just to help them. As another example, take Rarity in “The Best Night Ever”. She becomes enraged at Prince Blueblood for acting like a jerk toward her and eventually tells him off. So even the ponies themselves know that loving and tolerating people who are being massive jerks is practically impossible. Of course, what does one accomplish by retaliating? Nothing. Unless you do it right. Instead of cursing out someone whose ranting about Bronies being sickos, respond with the maturity and logic of Twilight Sparkle or Rarity. Or, if you’re in a party mood, respond with the silliness of Pinkie Pie. That way, you can make the other person look like an immature idiot for commenting in the first place. If you explode and start ranting back, you’ll both look like idiots. You might not get through to the person either way, but at least you won’t look like as big of a jerk as them. Sometimes you just can’t help replying to them because what they said is so immensely wrong. Even if you know they’re trolling, sometimes you just can’t help it. That’s fine as long as you don’t sink down to their level.

Don’t hate.  Love and tolerate!



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