My Hopes for Season 5




With Season 4 behind us, I’m sure most of us have high hopes for the fifth season of the show. Its gotten steadily better and better from Season 1 onward. Its also gotten knocked down several times, but it has always recovered. However, like many people, I also have a few specific hopes for the fifth season.


1. More Spike episodes!


Spike got some of the best episodes this season and I’m looking forward to more. He hasn’t gotten nearly as much development and focus as any of the other characters, despite being a member of the main cast.


2. More Discord!


After his actions in the Season 4 finale, I expect a lot more Discord next season. I’d love to see some interaction between Discord and Fluttershy on a more personal level. Not just for shipping reasons, but because we so far haven’t gotten that much.


3. Another awesome battle scene


After the Tirek vs. Twilight battle at the end of the season, I’m interested to see how the writers/animators are going to top that, if they can. For that matter, I wonder how they can top all of the villains we’ve seen so far.


4. The return of Maud Pie


I love Maud and her entirely personality. I want to see her and the rest of Pinkie Pie’s family at some point in Season 5. I’d even settle for a brief cameo.


5. More Derpy!


I know hoping for her to get her own episode or even speak is a stretch, but I’m hoping they might give her another prominent role like her one in “Rainbow Falls”. She doesn’t even have to talk.


6. More Luna episodes!


Luna has been neglected in the show thus far, with only a few significant roles. Therefore, I hope Season 5 includes at least two more Luna episodes. I’m sick of Luna taking a backseat while Celestia, who we’ve seen quite enough of, gets the spotlight.


7. More information about Fluttershy’s family


So far, Fluttershy is the only character whose family is completely unknown. This is pretty much a hope for every season.


8. More ponies with completely unique designs


Because we all know the animators are capable of doing that without using an OC.


9. A seventh element of harmony


Because that’s kind of what I wanted to be in the box……




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