The Discord Lamp Stand Theory



The Discord lamp has been a “thing”, to put it one way, ever since the episode “Keep Calm and Flutter On”. When Discord destroys one of Fluttershy’s lamps, he literally remakes it in his image. A few fans created replicas of the design and put them up for sale on eBay around this time. However, they have never become official mass-produced merchandise from Hasbro. In “Trade Ya!”, one of the newest episodes, Discord lamps return unexpectedly. This time we see them being sold at the Rainbow Falls Traders Exchange. While this makes for a surprising callback to an earlier episode, it raises a very obvious “Why?”. Why are Discord lamps being sold at the Traders Exchange? Fluttershy claims that you can get anything at the Exchange, but that doesn’t entirely explain why there is somepony selling lamps shaped like Discord. The most obvious explanation would be that Discord is a sort of celebrity in the pony world. After all, Nightmare Moon was given her own holiday and her powers are minuscule compared to reality-bending Discord. It makes perfect sense that Discord, God of Chaos, would have his own merchandise. He might even have manufactured them himself. Take note of the fact that (correct me if I’m mistaken) there aren’t any Celestia or Luna products at the Exchange. Producing and selling his own line of lamps might be Discord’s attempt at pissing off the princesses.




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