The Mane 6: Color Analysis




The Mane 6 are all colored differently, a fact that carried itself over to “Equestria Girls” in order to bypass any awkward assumptions about race. The colors themselves seem to be unimportant, except of course as another detail to seperate them from real horses and to make them more appealing to children. However, do the colors, whether unintentionally or otherwise, have meanings to them? Do they represent something about the characters and their personalities? The answer could be “yes” or it could be “no”, depending on how you look at color psychology.


Twilight Sparkle


Purple is often associated with royalty. As of “Magical Mystery Cure” (S3E13), Twilight Sparkle is now a princess. Her becoming a princess was apparently intended since the beginning of the series. Therefore, did her color actually serve as further foreshadowing of her destiny? Additionally, purple is associated with wisdom and magic, two things that normally come to mind when Twilight is mentioned.


Rainbow Dash


Blue is the color of “the sky and the sea”. It is a symbol of “loyalty” and “confidence”, fitting for the sometimes over-confident Element of Loyalty. Traditionally, blue is a masculine color, which fits in with Rainbow Dash being the show’s official “tomboy”. Funnily enough, the original Rainbow Dash was going to be pink.


Pinkie Pie


Pink relates to unconditional love and understanding, which Pinkie Pie demonstrates nicely in “Pinkie Apple Pie”. Although Pinkie Pie at first glance doesn’t seem to possess any of the other traits related to the color pink, she actually does….simply in a more intense way. She is “affectionate” in an often childish, but well-meaning and true, sort of way. Pinkie, much like the color itself, is a sign of hope. She inspires warm and comforting feelings, telling everyone that things will be fine.




White is the color of cleanliness and goodness. Rarity certainly despises dirt and she is, in her own way, a good pony. White also symbolizes “perfection”, as in Rarity’s tendency to be a perfectionist. The old Pinkie Pie, who was named “Surprise”, had white fur, which wouldn’t have meshed very well with the current Pinkie’s personality.




Orange is associated with joy and sunshine. Applejack, working on a farm, sees a lot of sunshine in her life. Orange usually represents “healthy food”, such as apples. It is also the color of “fall and harvest” and it is a symbol of “strength and endurance”. All of these things obviously circle back to Applejack.




Yellow is, of course, the color of sunshine and happiness. Ironically, bright yellow is often used to get peoples’ attention, something that poor Fluttershy has difficulty doing on several occasions. However, it is also connected with “cowardice”, a trait that, although she is steadily moving past it, unlucky Fluttershy possesses.


The color psychology doesn’t necessarily stop there. It can extend to their manes as well. For example, Twilight Sparkle’s mane is composed of different tints:

Blue – Intelligence

Purple – Wisdom, magic, and ambition

Pink – Warmth and tenderness to friends and family


Fluttershy’s mane is pink, which symbolizes her nurturing nature. Pink lacks any aggression or anger, but certain shades can be more confident or assertive. Pinkie Pie’s is also pink, in her case symbolizing her immaturity and the other traits I mentioned previously. Rarity’s mane is purple, representing royalty. In episodes such as “Sweet and Elite”, it is clear how badly she wants to join the ranks of high society. Applejack’s mane is a shade of yellow, which is associated with energy. Rainbow Dash’s mane, being more than one color, is a bit more difficult to decode:


Red – Power, determination, and courage

Gold – High quality

Orange – Endurance and strength

Green – Growth and nature

Blue – Loyalty

Purple – Ambition


The colors of the Mane 6 aren’t just their colors. If you look into color psychology, you’ll realize that they’re also very good representations of their personalities and things associated with them. I have no idea if this was done on purpose or it’s just an interesting coincidence that makes for a good analysis.



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