Facial Hair in My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic



A minor question a few Bronies and pegasisters have asked: How does a pony grow facial hair? We’ve seen multiple instances of stallions with noticeable mustaches and beards. However, how is it possible to grow a beard when you have fur? The answer is pretty obvious when one thinks about it. In “Boast Busters” and “Magic Duel”, we witness Twilight Sparkle using a spell that causes a pony or other creature to grow facial hair, namely a mustache in both cases. Twilight cannot be the only unicorn who is able to perform this type of spell. Barbers must exist in Equestria and most of them are probably unicorns. It was stated in “Boast Busters” that most unicorns only have a little magic that suits their special talent. A unicorn whose special talent is being a barber would have all the magic necessary to cut and style hair…and possibly the ability to give ponies facial hair. It would be a simple matter of performing the same spell Twilight first used on Spike in “Boast Busters”. It’s unknown whether or not spells that give the pony facial hair would wear off. Trixie cut her own mustache off with a pair of scissors and Spike’s had to be removed with magic, hence the spell might be permanent unless the pony or other creature actually has it removed. On a related note, how do ponies shave any facial hair without shaving their fur? We’ve never actually seen a pony shaving, so we can assume magic is involved in that as well. If they’re a unicorn, they can simply remove the hair with magic. If they’re a pegasus or an Earth pony, they can go to the barber or ask a unicorn friend to do it for them. Of course, Mr. Cake has stubble in “Baby Cakes”, but this doesn’t necessarily prove my theory wrong. Whose to say Twilight Sparkle didn’t give him that stubble, maybe as a sort of joke or because she considered it fitting? One last question: Why do ponies even feel the need to have facial hair to begin with? Because in a lot of cases, it just looks great with their manes.



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